SDF Cloud

The SDF cloud offers an automatically curated data catalog, semantic search framework, and interactive data map. Seamlessly search and visualize SQL artifacts, metadata, and classifiers backed by our compiled column level lineage.

End-to-End Column Level Lineage. Full Stop.

  • See your Entire Warehouse at a Glance
    Your lineage is beautifully visualized at never-before-seen scale with WebGL
  • Lineage Across Dialects
    Visualize all SDF-supported dialects on the same canvas
  • Semantic Lineage Graph Search
    See subgraphs filtered by schema, classifier, dependencies, and more

Designed for

With background building data solutions at Meta and Microsoft, we know what it takes to build for scale

SDF Works without migration like a ship sailing at sea

Designed to work with Existing SQL


Clusterized, Isolated, Soc2 Pending

SDF Cloud has transparent usage based pricing

Transparent Usage Based Pricing

Seamless Engine Integration

SDF Cloud was designed to work seamlessly with the SDF Engine. With no data access required, deploying your workspace is as easy as signing on with SSO and running a single command.

  • Deploy Entire Workspaces Instantly
  • Easy Cloud Authentication and Single Sign On
  • Respect Your Privacy by Design

Life's Too Short to Manage aData Catalog

  • No Configuration, No Import Required
    SDF generates your data and function catalog with no configuration required
  • Metadata and Lineage search
    Search SQL code and metadata by keyword
  • Data Transparency
    Track sensitive data across your entire warehouse
SDF Data Platform