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One Engine, Endless Applications

The SDF CLI surfaces in-depth column-level lineage information directly from the command line.

Data lineage tool with column level lineage

What is SDF?

SDF is a SQL engine and data transformation tool. It ingests data, metadata, and SQL statements to validate business logic, execute queries, and enforce policies.

Data quality tool SDF

Our Integrations

SDF powers the composable data stack by integrating with your unique configuration of cloud compute provider, storage format, and orchestrator.

Happy Developers Use SDF :-)

SDF has been so much help with the schema migration. To just be able to compile and know that all of my downstream dependencies have been rewired is so huge. so much more confidence in my changes!

Nicklaus Roach
Data Engineer

SDF Labs is the new swiss army chainsaw for SQL. If you’re in the data space and want to get faster development cycles and greater safety, I strongly recommend checking them out.

Dylan Storey
Senior Director, Data Services
Domino Data Lab

It ensures that data models support company advancement while maintaining compliance and safeguarding sensitive information. By automating best practices and reinforcing data security, SDF stands as a cornerstone in scaling data infrastructures efficiently and responsibly.

Chris Hronek
Director of Data Engineering

SDF has added order to chaos. Our development cycles have improved and we are able to focus on developing more models"

Vassili Skarine
Head of Engineering

Open Source Projects.

SDF Labs gladly supports and contributes to the Open Source community. Eligible non-commercial open source software initiatives receive SDF accounts at no charge.

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Static impact analysis with SDF Checks
Catch SQL errors earlier than dbt with SDF
SDF SQL engine takes in SQL, Jinja, rules, and metadata to materialize tables, run data quality, and generate a data catalog.