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Our company is built on the talent and dedication of our exceptional team. We only hire the best and brightest, and we firmly believe that diversity and inclusivity fuel our success. Different backgrounds and perspectives inspire innovation, enrich our culture, and make us stronger as a company.

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SDF Benefits

Health Insurance
We provide medical, dental and vision benefits to employees and their dependents. Health benefits are paid in part by the company.
Mandatory Vacation
Every employee must take 2 weeks of paid time off each year. Additional vacation time beyond that is also encouraged.
Retirement Plan
Every employee has the option to contribute to a 401k plan because we care about the future of our employees.
Trust & Flexibility
Trust is key for us. Need a break to grab coffee? Go for it. Need to leave early to grab the kids from school? No problem. Talk to us, get your stuff done, and don't forget to live your life.
Hybrid Work Environment
Our hybrid work environment blends office collaboration with the comfort of home, offering flexibility and fun in your work life!
Learning and Development
We believe in investing in the development of our team. We provide coaching and mentorship opportunities to every employee.