SDF for Enterprise

Unlock Data Development at Scale.

Help your team spend more time innovating and finally understand your entire semantic data warehouse. SDF is your transformation layer for building secure and standardized business intelligence, faster.
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Leading enterprises rely on SDF to help their teams develop analytic models and business intelligence faster.
What worked well for individual projects and smaller teams will be difficult to scale across the enterprise. Unlike simple data tools, SDF lets your teams iterate faster, removes friction points from complexity and risk, and provides everything they to be confident in the data.

Change the economics of  data development

20x your development speed

Build and deploy models faster with SDF’s industry leading transformation layer
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Reduce compute costs

Find and remove unused tables and columns in your data warehouse
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Simplify your data warehouse structure

Take control of sprawl and unnecessary costs with a complete understanding from precise lineage
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Transform data security, quality, and compliance

Enable data protections at the source and prevent unnecessary expenses from data leaks
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Streamline the way you deliver data analytics

Enable data protections at the source and prevent unnecessary expenses from data leaks
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Modernize your org’s data development

Streamline the way you deliver data analytics

See a faster return on your investment, identify areas to save, increase efficiency, and upskill your data teams. SDF brings data, process, guardrails, and engineers together to deliver results across departments.
Data transformation for analytics engineers
Annual compute savings from using SDF for a leading Enterprise Technology Brand
Protect your bottom line from data leaks and the average cost of errors
2,100 Hours
Annual hours saved by data development teams over 40 members in reduced compile times

Unlock  Semantic Understanding

Semantic tooling helps describe your data at the source.