SDF is SQL with
User Defined Types

Prevent logic errors and validate your code before execution. SDF adds additional syntax to support a tighter integration with your editor, and fast data quality guarantees.

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SQL Types Made for Data Developers

Prevent Silent Errors from Slipping Through the Cracks.
Replace primitive types like integers and varchars with higher level types like UserID and PhoneNumber. Use types to prevent logic errors like incorrect joins, bad aggregations, and misuse.
Find Issues Instantly with Static Analysis
Types are guaranteed with static analysis. Types are fast, flexible, and computed on every compile, so you can catch downstream errors instantly while writing a SQL statement.
Easy Integration with Gradual Adoption
Types are metadata on SQL statements and can run anywhere your SQL runs. Compatible with all supported databases.  
Define Business Logic as Code
Every type improves your codebase. Rich types bring your SQL transformations closer to every business stakeholder by making queries easier to understand.

Why Use Types?

Easier Data Understanding
Add context during development. Describe the shape of objects, metrics, and rules to understand your data  more easily.
Results You Can Trust
Types are evaluated fast with static analysis and are always correct. They don't hallucinate, and they don't require a network connection.
Promotes Safety at Scale
From 10 tables to 1,000,000, types are designed for scale. Use types to enrich your other systems and support  governance, privacy, and cataloging goals.

Types Propagate Automatically

Classifiers flow through your entire warehouse, through lineage aggregations, and functions. Or, configure rules to tell SDF where to stop propagation or reclassify based functional transformations.
Typically, <1% of tables need manual classifiers
Classifiers Propagate to the Other 99% of columns
Reclassification and propagagtion are user defined and flexible

Have a lot of columns? Use AI to type them for you

Use the OpenAI integration to automatically add new SDF SQL types and classify critical data and rest assured that the risk of a sensitive leak is minimized.
OpenAI Connector powered by your own API key
AI classifiers propagate everywhere SDF types do
Define your own types and taxonomy for AI