A Simpler Way to Trino

Fast, dependency aware in memory query execution built into the same binary as SDF, with the same SQL syntax as Trino and AWS Athena. Powered by Apache DataFusion.

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A Dependency Aware Database

A new type of database with the ability to analyze all queries at once. SDF DB understands time, code, and data dependencies to optimize execution across the whole warehouse. SDF only executes parts of the DAG that have changed with its built-in caching layer.

A New Database, the Same SQL

Guaranteed Compatibility
SDF DB is designed to be compatible with Trino SQL. The same functions, syntax, and semantics.
Simplify Your Workflow
Authoring with SDF pairs best with SDF compute. Speed up iteration cycles and Trino SQL alike.
Multi-Format and Feature-Rich
Read and write file formats like CSV, Parquet, and JSON with simple integrations to S3 and more.

Leave The JVM Behind

SDF execution is Fast. No containerization, configuration, or setup. Just point SDF at your data, and start writing queries. SDF works natively with partitions enabling your team to scale compute and modeling alike.