SDF is the next generation build system for data

SQL development made simple. Local execution, Intelligent Workflows, and Data Governance packed into 60MB of Rust based magic.

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What is SDF

SDF is the first scalable build system for data infrastructure, like Cargo for Rust or node for Javascript. Unlike traditional query engines, SDF compiles all your data contracts, queries, and policies at once to build code-level, time-level, and access-level dependencies.

SDF Data Engine Intelligent Workflows


Never worry about backfills again.
SDF's integrated scheduler creates the perfect DAG, every time.

SDF Data Intuitive Authoring SQL in VSCode


10X faster development. Seriously.
Lightning fast local execution, data workspaces for testing, and error messages that actually make sense.

SDF Data One Click Deploy to Cloud for Lineage and Metadata


Data is valuable. DevOps is not.
Deploy your warehouse with a single command. Monitor your warehouse in the console. That's it.

SDF Simple Data Governance with Label & Classification Propagation


Be confident in your compliance.
Label propagation, data policies, and engine native enforcement help you stay compliant.

SDF is a powerful and easy to use data development platform

Our data-as-code platform enables organizations at any scale to fully leverage their data while respecting all relevant policies and protections. We run our soon-to-be open source engine in the cloud to take your deployments from a single command to an automatically scheduled workflow with policies enforced in real-time. Furthermore, our precise column-level lineage analysis generates a full-featured data catalog out of the box. To see this in action, click the button below and book a demo.

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SDF Data Development Platform
SDF build, SDF lineage, and SDF deploy output wrapper

All you need for your data warehouse in one CLI  

Over the last 20 years software engineering tools have gotten really good. Data tools have not.

Existing data tools lack powerful local development frameworks. Things like context-aware authoring robust testing, and good intellisense haven't yet made it to data engineering.

SDF is a multi-dialect SQL compiler, execution engine, runtime. SDF has a paired cloud service with the fastest scheduler and an even faster cache.

SDF makes SQL great.

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