SDF does for SQL what Typescript did for Javascript.
Faster Development. Trusted Results. Safety at Scale.

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What is SDF?

SDF is a compiler and build system that leverages static analysis to comprehensively examine SQL code at warehouse scale. Data developers use SDF to identify problematic code patterns like security vulnerabilities and privacy leaks. By evaluating all queries in any dialect simultaneously SDF and its Code Checks become powerful solutions for org-scale data privacy, data quality, and data governance.

Program Safety and Privacy at Scale

  • Enhanced Privacy & Security
    Write custom compile-time code checks to safeguard sensitive data from unauthorized access
  • Rich Classifiers and Policies
    Easily define classifiers and annotate tables and columns
  • Automated Label Propagation
    Annotate less than 1%, automate the rest. Classifiers and policies automatically flow through all column dependencies for enhanced governance
  • Ease of Integration
    Analyze your SQL as-is, whether in source or in query logs, and integrate SDF’s analysis results into your development process
SDF Code Checks and Column Level Lineage

Elevate your data development

  • Unprecedented Visibility
    Gain a global view of your SQL ecosystem with static analysis at warehouse scale
  • Proactive Error Prevention
    Leverage compile time analysis and CI/CD integration to catch mistakes before they impact your data integrity
  • Data Management Out-of-the-Box
    SDF deployments automatically provide a data catalog, semantic search, interactive data-map and powerful status reports
  • Cloud Native
    All SDF deployments exist in a secure, containerized environment

Data You Can Actually Trust

  • Code Checks for SQL in SQL
    Apply user-defined rules to columns, tables, schemas, catalogs, classifiers, and more
  • Comprehensive Data Lineage Analysis
    Understand the flow and transformation of your data to troubleshoot and comply with regulations effectively
  • Built from the Ground Up in Rust
    Run the entire engine locally and trust that the output is identical in the cloud
  • Proven Scalability
    Analyze millions of queries daily thanks to our state of the art build cache and static analysis approach

Enterprise Ready

SDF Data Engine Intelligent Workflows

Scale to Millions of Assets

SDF is built in Rust and contains an internal cache
SDF Data Intuitive Authoring SQL in VSCode

 No Migration

SDF compiles your existing codebase with no edits required
SDF Simple Data Governance with Label & Classification Propagation

Secure by Design

SDF is SOC2 Pending and is hosted on isolated kubernetes clusters
SDF Data One Click Deploy to Cloud for Lineage and Metadata

Truly Multi-Dialect

SDF supports Presto, Trino, Redshift, BigQuery, and ANSI out of the box

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