Developer Centric Data Governance

Program metadata to automate data governance. Integrate governance, controls, and classifiers into your CI/CD with simple programmable metadata. Utilize

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Developer First  Data Governance

Move Fast and Start On Day One
No configuration, no import required. SDF generates your data catalog with no additional set up required
Search Your Data Catalog with Speed
Easily search with Google like speeds through your SQL, metadata, and tables by keywords
Classify and Tag Sensitive Data
Identify and monitor sensitive data with custom SQL Types. Apply classifiers to one table and automate the propagation downstream.
Enforce RBAC and Restrictions on Key Data
Control access to sensitive data and restrict access to authorized users based on roles

A New Approach to  Data Management

Use SDF to proactively address problems and data leaks, prior to deployment. Automate complete data warehouse lineage.

Label the Sources. Automate the Rest

Label root tables and watch as your classifiers flow through your entire warehouse automatically. Configure rules to tell SDF where to stop propagation or reclassify based on logic you define in YML.
<1% of Tables Need Manual Classifiers
Classifiers Propagate to the Other 99%
Flexible reclassification